Odor Control

What's that smell? Is it mold, or something else?
Odor's Aren't Always Mold

Odor Control

We offer removal services for a variety of types of contaminants including Cigarette Smoke, Cat Urine, Dog Urine, Moth Balls and more. To properly remove odors from materials and surfaces we utilize a variety of specialized techniques and tools to help mitigate the problem. ProEnviro’s odor removal process includes:

Is It Mold?

What if it's not mold? If mold isn't the issue, we can still help. Pets, cigarette and tobacco smoke can also cause odor issues, and yes, we can help with those problems too!

Odor Removal

Our odor removal services do not just mask or cover over odors and odor causing materials but actually “lift” or remove the odor itself. Most companies cover over odor causing materials allowing for the odor to still enter or effect the home. Using specialized techniques and products designed to pull out the odor and remove it from the area entirely.

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