Water Damage Remediation

If you have water damage, let us remediate it along with any mold.
We work with insurance companies.
Non-Emergency Water Damage Repair

Water Damage Remediation​

We offer water damage remediation for both residential and commercial properties. Our water damage services are for non-emergency projects resulting from a leak, broken hot water tank, ice dam or similar projects. ProEnviro is NOT a 24-hour service provider for water damage, we perform services during or around our regular scheduled service hours.
Our services include:

Water Pumping & Extracting

The removal of any standing water and extraction of water from building materials.

Water Damaged Material Removal

The removal of water damaged building materials and contents as necessary. Note – every effort is maintained to salvage as much as possible and minimize demolition.

Moisture Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of moisture conditions present and drying schedule.​

Structural Drying

Drying all surface and structural materials in the affected area utilizing industrial dehumidification & air movers.


Full cleaning and treating of the affected area to prevent additional water damage or mold.

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